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Faida Risk Assessment Form

Welcome to your Faida Risk Assessment Form

We would like you to take a few moments to fill out this risk assessment form. We desire to match your personal circumstances with the best investment opportunity.

Please answer all the questions below by ticking only ONE of the options for each question. Choose the option that BEST indicates how you feel about each question.

(Investment risk is the level of volatility or fluctuation that a person is prepared to accept in investment returns
– including the potential risk of loss of some capital in the short‐term, and the potential risk that retirement goals may not be met in the longer term. Volatility is the unpredictable upward and downward movements in investment values over a period of time.)

What is your Investment horizon? How long can you keep your money invested in the market before needing access to it?
The age group you belong to:
How well do you understand investing in the markets?
My current and future income sources (example: salary, business income, investment income etc) are:
From the following 5 possible investment scenario, please select the option which defines your investment objective?
If your investment outlook is long‐term (more than five years), how long will you hold on to a poorly performing portfolio before cashing in?
Volatile investments usually provide higher returns What is your desired balance?
If a few months after investing, the value of your investments declines by 20%, what would you do?
Which of these scenarios best describes your "risk range"? What level of losses and profits would be comfortable with

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