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Managed Futures

Faida has partnered with Paragon Global Markets, an independent introduction broker, domiciled in New York, N.Y. and registered with the National Futures Association (NFA), U.S.A. Through our partnership we are providing clients in the East African region with an opportunity to invest in Managed Futures, a broad base of alternative investment strategies in which portfolio managers, known as Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs), use futures contracts as part of their investment strategy. This particular investment product is for sophisticated investors looking for alternative investments in order to diversify their portfolio of investments.


The professionally managed CTAs generate returns by taking positions in financial instruments, currencies and commodities.  This is an alternative investment that aims to offer our East African clients real diversification from traditional assets and local currency investments.   While some clients may have asset class diversification, we have noticed that many investors have majority of the assets concentrated in local currency and often in illiquid investments.  Our Managed Futures offering on the other hand, provides investors with an extremely liquid and transparent USD investment that not only provides for diversification, but also returns in US Dollars.

This product will offer you:

  1. An opportunity to invest in hard currency
  2. Immediate liquidity and transparency – it offers daily liquidity and live performance data and investors can exit the program at any moment they deem fit
  3. Diversification of assets
  4. Historically, good returns especially when we have seen dislocations/volatility in global markets
  5. Segregated account.  The investor owns the account, investors’ money is not placed in a joint fund.

The Client has full transparency and control, and only the client is authorised to move any funds.


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