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Investment Options – 14th January 2022

Faida Research - January 18, 2022 - 0 comments

Investment Options

  1. Commercial Paper

Commercial paper is a short-term debt instrument issued by large companies to meet short-term borrowing needs such as financing of their working capital. The interest earned can be higher compared to other asset classes. Faida Investment Bank offers you an opportunity to invest in commercial paper. For more information, email us on info@fib.co.ke


  1. Hazina

Faida Investment Bank is making investments in Kenyan Government Bonds simple and easily accessible. We have developed a hustle free, easy and convenient way to help our clients invest in government bonds. Whether you are in Kenya or in the Diaspora, a member of an investment group, or a company, you can invest and earn a consistent predictable ‘risk-free’ return. For more information, email us on fixedincome@fib.co.ke.

Primary Market Projections for FXD2/2018/10 and FXD1/2021/20:

 FXD2/2018/10 is a 6.88 Year paper with a coupon rate of 12.502%. We recommend bidding as follows:

  • Aggressive bids 12.35% – 12.49%
  • Non Aggressive bids 12.20% – 12.35%

FXD1/2021/20 is a 19.56 Year paper with a coupon rate of 13.444%. We recommend bidding as follows:

  • Aggressive bids 13.64% – 13.75%
  • Non Aggressive bids at 13.52 – 13.64%.


  1. Sanlam Money Market Fund

Different investors have different risk profiles. Knowing your risk profile helps you make a better decision on whether a particular investment suits your goals. For investors who consider themselves as low risk (risk averse) capital preservation is key. The Money Market Fund offers an opportunity to investors, both individuals and corporates, to make a return as well as have their capital preserved. Faida thought its partnership with Sanlam, is offering you an opportunity to invest in the Money Market Fund. To get more information on this, please call us on +254207606031.


  1. Stock picks

ABSA – Buy

Equity – Hold

I&M – Buy

Coop – Buy

HF – Sell

Eabl – Buy

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