Corporate Actions

Investors in Kenya to access security markets across the boarder more easily

The investors in Kenya will now easily access security markets across the boarder after CMA issued a policy guidance note to facilitate the Issuance of Global Depositary Receipts and Notes (GDP/N) on July 13, 2017. A global depositary receipt or note (GDR/N) is a negotiable certificate issued, listed and traded on a securities exchange. The […]

M-Akiba Phase II is now live, from June 30, 2017 to July 21, 2017

• The second phase of M-Akiba is live, running from Friday June 30, 2017 to Friday July 21, 2017 at a non-taxable interest rate of 10% for a period of three years. • The government is targeting to raise KShs 1 Billion with a green shoe option of 385 million if there is sufficient demand […]

Kenya Airways plans of undertaking a rights issue

Kenya Airways Ltd- Cautionary Announcement Kenya airways has confirmed that it is in its advanced stages of discussion with its stakeholders to recapitalize its balance sheet and secure additional near-term liquidity. It is also expected that the company’s shareholders will be invited to participate in a new issue of equities on a pro rata basis, […]

CBK Floats 12 year infrastructure Bond – IFB 1/2017/12, worth Sh30B

february-2017-treasury-inrastructure-bond-prospectus • Purpose – partial funding of infrastructure projects in Roads, Energy and Water sectors • Period of sale – 07/02/2017 to 21/02/2017, • Value date – 27/02/2017 • Pricing – Discounted/Par/Premium • Minimum amount – Kshs100,000 • Tenor – 12 Years • Coupon rate – 12.500% pa • Redemption date – 12/02/2029 • Trading […]

Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee maintains CBR at 10.0 percent and suspends KBRR

mpc-press-release-meeting-of-january-30-2017 • The CBK Monetary Policy Committee retained CBR at 10.0%in order to anchor inflation expectations which was expected to remain within the Government target range in the short term. • The MPC said that it will continue to closely monitor developments in the domestic and global economies, and stands ready to take additional measures […]

CBK offers a 5 year and a 20 year fixed coupon Treasury Bond (FXD 3/2016/5) and (FXD 1/2016/20

• Total Amount – 25B • Tenor – 5 years and 20 years • Coupon rate for 5 year – market determined, coupon rate for 20 year – 14.000% • Period of sale 08/09/2016 to 20/09/2016, • Value date- 26/09/2016 • Minimum – Kes 50,000 • Redemption date for 5 year – 20/09/2021 and for […]

Standard Chartered has changed their Registrar to Image Registrars

Standard Chartered has changed their registrar from Custody & Registrars (C&R) Limited to Image Registrars Limited. Effective September 1, 2016, Standard Chartered shareholders will access all shareholder related services from Image Registrars Limited whose address is:- Image Registrars Limited 5th Floor, Barclays Plaza, Loita Street 9287 – 00100 GPO Nairobi, Kenya Tel: 254 20 2230330/2212065/2246449 […]

President Uhuru assents to the bill capping lending rates by financial lending institutions

• The principal objective of the bill-now law, is to provide a mechanism for regulation of banks and financial institutions’ interest rate through the introduction of ceilings • The bill criminalizes the act of providing interest rates higher than those set by the law. • Before giving a loan, banks are now required to disclose […]

Stanlib Fahari I-REIT registers a 6.5% interim half year return

• STANLIB Fahari I-REIT has registered 6.5% interim half year return • 5% consists of growth in both capital and rental income during the first six months of its financial year. • A press release on the half year returns indicated that it has registered earnings of 23.19 cents per unit driven by revenue of […]

CBK offers for a 10 year fixed coupon Treasury Bond (FXD 1/2016/10), selling from Agust 12, 2016 to August 23, 2016

• Amount – 25 Billion • Tenor – 10 years • Period of sale 12/08/2016 to 23/08/2016, Auction Date : 24/08/2016 • Value date- 29/08/2016 • Minimum – Kes 50,000 • Redemption date – 17/08/2026 • Interest payable semiannually • Closure 2.00p.m on Tuesday August 23rd, 2016. • Coupon rate is market determined • The […]