About Us

Faida Investment Bank Limited is a market leader in the Kenyan securities and capital markets, achieving consistent, unassailable top performance in secondary trading at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. We have achieved these milestones by consciously observing standards of prudence, efficiency and friendliness to investors.

Our reputation is best reflected in the quality of our customer base, institutions and individuals who demand and get the highest value proposition. Faida subscribes to deliver professional services under a business model built around the following core values and strengths: 1. Qualified professional staff, which we nurture and develop, 2. Personalised service for our clients – we aim to provide you a transaction channel to suit your needs, 3. A culture of impeccable ethical standards, 4. Flexibility – we do our best to accommodate individual specific needs.

Our Mission
“To be the pre-eminent provider of financial services through
superior and personalized service and intimate market knowledge, while
maximizing investor opportunities through leadership in research “.

Founded as Faida Securities Limited, (a Stock Brokerage Firm) in 1995, Faida was awarded an Investment Banking licence in December 2007. We have an extensive network in the region with a subsidiary recently incorporated in Rwanda, with plans to set up elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We were also extensively involved in the introduction of the Automated Trading System (ATS) and the Wide Area Network (WAN) by the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), where our Chairman, Bob Karina was the chairman of both the ATS and WAN Implementation Committees.


Faida Investment Bank Ltd is a limited company incorporated in Kenya on 11th November 1994 in accordance with the Companies Act (Registration No. 44170) and licensed as an Investment Bank under the Capital Markets Authority (Licensing Requirements) (General) Regulations, 2002.

Faida Investment Banks’ head office is located at Crawford Business Park, Ground Floor, State House Road and has a Professional Indemnity Cover for all our clients, secured by AIG Insurance Kenya.

The directors of Faida Investment Bank are Bob Karina (Chairman), Dennis Waweru (Non-Executive Director), Lucas Otieno (Managing Director), Mercy Kamau (Independent Director), Rina Hicks (Operations Director) and David Mataen (Corporate Finance & Research Director).


  • Brokerage Services: The buying and selling of Shares of publicly quoted Companies as well as fixed income securities on behalf of the investing public, at the Nairobi Securities Exchange, of which we are members.
  • Portfolio Creation and management: We create portfolios in line with the risks clients are willing to take and their investment goals and constraints. We continually monitor the investors’ needs and capital market conditions and when necessary, modify the investment strategy accordingly.
  • Discretionary portfolio management: available for those investors who would like to delegate the management of their investment to professional managers who will look after their interests and make decisions for them and report regularly to them.
  • Markets and institutional research: Our Research Department conducts fundamental research on quoted Companies and uses relative financial ratios calculated from audited Company accounts as well as established fundamental techniques to value and forecast future performance of such Companies. We on request, avail our analysis findings to our clients. The research department also provides market information, investment perspective and guidance.
  • Investment Advisory: Where we strive to make investment buy/or sell recommendations for our clientele
  • Corporate Finance Advisory: We offer transaction advisory in all equity and debt capital market transactions as transaction advisors or lead sponsoring stockbrokers; private equity placements; balance sheet restructuring; financing arrangements and issues distribution. In all we do, we follow through from idea generation to deal completion, whether it is giving strategic advice, leveraging business insights to drive creative solutions or delivering superior executions.