The Stock Exchange is a market that deals in the exchange of securities issued by public quoted companies and the Government.

The major role that the stock exchange has played, and continues to play in many economies is that it promotes a culture of saving. The very fact that institutions exist where savers can safely invest their money and in addition earn a return, is an incentive to people to consume less and save.

Secondly, the stock exchange assists in the transfer of savings to investment in productive enterprises as an alternative to...Read more

We are a market leader in the Kenyan securities and capital markets, achieving consistent, unassailable top performance in secondary trading at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. We emerged fifth in a market of 23 players in three of the last five years and grow the volume of business transacted within the period by 24 times. We have achieved these milestones by consciously observing standards of prudence, efficiency and friendliness to investors.

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